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Stupid Rain

Everyone thinks the monsoon season is the most enjoyable season of all where love blossoms and roaming around is fun while getting all soaked up.


Rain sucks and this is why its suck meter surpasses all those lovey dovey pros.

  • Getting all soaked when you don’t actually want to. Get all dressed for a meeting, hangout, dinner, function and as you step out you are drenched in a bucket full of water that erodes all your efforts. Fucking A.
  • Driving nightmare. Can’t speed because of clogged roads, low visibility, slow traffic and usually malfunctioning traffic lights. Do not even bother asking how pissed off bikers are. The potholes fill up nice and easy, so when a vehicle steps in, it frizzles a huge wave of water on a possible passerby, who was trying to evade rain with an umbrella but little did he knew there’s a sideways tide incoming.
  • Goodbye outdoor official games. Yes some people enjoy a muddy game of football knee deep in rain, but even the slightest drizzle and that’s a wrap for my cricket match. (Thank god I’m not into betting else I’d kill myself when my team is on a winning streak but the game gets washed.)
  • Gadgets grimm. Not everyone owns one of those fancy Xperia Z and Samsung Xcover devices. One drop in the wrong place and you have a possible non repairable device which as a matter of fact is not covered under warranty.  “Huehuehue, you’re fucked!” says the guy at the service center.
  • Humidity. It’s a normal day, not warm somewhat cold. It starts raining. Yay? Nay! Now you’re in an environment where you need an air conditioner but once it’s on, you need a blanket too because it’s cold. This might be a location specific point but still I will use every possible reason to say “Screw you rain”

Rain is important no doubt but why doesn’t it stays in farms where it’s needed for vegetation and agriculture.
Please don’t go all geographical ballistic on me with “Hey illiterate fuck, rain is an essential part of the ecosystem and weather change.” I know that. I try to adjust to it, but, what I can’t take is, the

“Ermahgerd, rain is soooo awesum. I wish it’d rain all yr.. xoxoxoxo”

Not only is that grammar, cancer invoking, but rain all year? You sir/ma’am die in a puddle that your dear rain filled up.