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THE secrets of YIFY and high quality and small file sizes are not so secret after all… Encoding High quality Low bitrate Videos in Handbrake for any device

So now instead of adding TB’s of data just convert your existing stuff to smaller size with little visual losses.


Weird Mobile Hack (Signal/Connectivity Issues)

This is an unbelievable mobile hack to temporarily boost your device’s signal strength.

I’ve tried this trick on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola G, Motorola E, Motorola G (2nd Generation), HTC One M7 and Nexus 5. And on all of them, it showed great & instant results in times of signal connectivity issues.

All you have to do is “Hold you device upside down” and do whatever you were doing.

Sounds incredibly stupid, but it has worked for me. When I’m getting, like a single bar and 3G works like 2G, I hold my phone upside down and the bars shoot to 2-3 instantly, thereby giving a decent net connection as well.

Well worth remembering to give a shot, when in the moment of need.